POST-WEEK: Guide to the worldwide knowledge exchange
The brief: to re-design the news, making it more appealing and accessible for the target audience of 16-24 year-old young people.
The concept: based on the online resource, this worldwide guide would feature people-driven content and live discussions/comments about current afairs between contributors and site visitors from around the world. Printed version concentrates on one week’s highlights and contains four A2 fold-out posters explaining particular issue from different sides and challenging common stereotypes.

LUNCH CRUNCH poster: where does Food crisis come from?    
lunch crunch
FUEL DIET poster: can we stop overeating resources?  
fuel diet
LIGHT AGES poster: have you seen the Dark sky by any chance?

light ages


POST WEEK issue with all 4 fold-out A2 posters    
post week    
Posters' close-ups
fuel diet
lunch crunch